Off Grid House Exterior Paint Complete!

We are moving right along on our Off Grid House construction.  This week we can check off a huge undertaking of painting the exterior of our house.  The biggest relief is that I absolutely love the color.  I really went in circles about finding the “perfect” color especially because I knew that if I didn’t […]

Off Grid House is Dried In!

Our Off Grid house finally looks like a house!!!  So very excited to see it in 3D instead of only in my mind for these several years.  The dry in process has been long and stressful.  We take turns stressing out about different aspects of the house; running calculations over and over again to make […]

Off Grid House Construction; Foundation, Subfloor, and Concrete Porch

We are happy to report that our Off Grid house is in full construction mode.  This week we completed (and passed inspection on) the Foundation, Subfloor, and Concrete Porch.  As we discussed in Episode #19 of our Podcast, the building process has been a mix of excitement and pure hectic chaos.  We now have a […]

Root Cellar is Complete

So happy to report that we have a completed project!  As discussed in Episode #18 of the Sow Edible Permaculture Podcast, the underground root cellar is completely done and has passed inspection. When we left off last week, the entire structure was up including the roof.  This week we added ventilation,  completed the waterproofing, installed […]

Underground Root cellar- Phase 3 Almost done!

The construction of the underground root cellar is installed in 3 phases (you can see phase 1 and 2 in previous articles).  We are in the last part of phase 3 and it is looking great! Here is what has been done so far in Phase 3: Metal beams placed on roof- supports the weight of the […]

Underground Root Cellar- Phase 2 of 3; Precast Cement Walls are in!

Phase 2 was lots of fun as we watched the walls lower down with the giant crane.  The kids and I packed cookies and sat picnic style to watch the construction.  I was amazed that the entire process was done in 3 hours (no the kids definitely did not sit that long..ha!).   The idea […]

Underground Root Cellar- Phase1 of 3

Yay!  Underground Root Cellar Phase 1 is complete!  We discussed all the details of this first phase of construction in Episode #15 of the Sow Edible Permaculture Podcast.  Below are the picture and videos that show the project. Step 1:  Hole was dug with a slow downgrade toward the road to allow water to run […]

Energy Efficient Windows- How well insulated do they need to be?

When thinking of energy efficiency in our off grid house, we paid a lot of attention to creating a design that would utilize passive solar.  The final version of our design has the majority of windows on the south side with minimal windows on the other sides of the house.  In the end we had 141 […]

Off Grid House Update- Land prepped, Footings Dug, Concrete Poured, Block being Layed

We have broke ground on the Off-Grid House and wanted to share some pictures with you to get you up to date with all our progress.  Enjoy! Prepped House Area- cleared trees, leveled, marked, and squared   Footings Dug and Concrete footings Poured     Block Layed… Almost Done!    

Tiny House Office is Dried In!

The Tiny House Office is all Dried in!  YAY!  It is so exciting to see it in real life (instead of on paper and in our minds) as it has been for years.  So here are pictures of it being built.  It is NOT painted… so the exterior color you see is just the color […]

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