Let us help you!

Setting up a new farm or homestead is a lot of work.  We know because we did just that.  So many decisions, so many choices, so many things to research and learn.  It can feel overwhelming, especially when you find so many different answers to the same questions.  One thing we found when we were in the planning and building phases of our farm is that a lot of the information out there came from people who never actually experienced what they were talking about!  They didn’t live in an off grid house, grow their own food, harvest fruit, raise livestock, or even raise a family on a farm.  While their intentions were in the right place, their information was not.

This is where we come in.  We would love to help you with those big decisions to save you time, money, and lots of aggravation.  We have created a variety of consultation options in order to serve you best.  Choose from the options below to get started.

 Phone Consultation

 Land Consultation

 House Design

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