140 sqft Off Grid Office & Guest House; Breaking Ground

Welcome to the Living Off Grid section where we share pictures and videos of the updates we discuss in the Sow Edible Permaculture Podcast.  Todays update is from Episode 2, where we introduce our first Off Grid project, building the Tiny House inspired 10 x 14 Office/Guest House.  This 10×14 foot structure (yes that is 140 square feet) will include a full bath, kitchenette, bed, and office.

Here are the pictures from this weeks progress:

Choosing a location (for House, Office, and Solar array) and clearing the land.

You can see from the pictures below where the solar array is in relation to the Office/Guest House.  The Cleared land on each side was specifically calculated in order for the Solar Panels to receive the most amount of sunlight each day.  We will walk you through how to make this calculation in a future podcast.


clearedsolararrayandoffice clearedofficesolararray2

Footings poured and Septic Installed



So that is the update for this week, be sure to join us next week to see the progress.  For more information on how we choose this location and our plans for the Office/Guest house, be sure to check out Sow Edible Permaculture Podcast 002.  To be notified when we release new content each week, be sure to sign up with your email or join us on Facebook!

So What is a Tiny House Anyways?  Check out our Pinterest Board that is full of Tiny House Examples to learn more!
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