Off Grid Chicken Coop- Automated Door

Are you ready to make your chicken coop extra easy to manage?  No more worrying about getting home from work after dark or going out for the night.  Introducing the automated door that will open and close when you want it to! This door has over 200lbs of closing power which makes it impervious to most predators (minus Sasquatch).  Below is a link to the video along with links to the materials needed for the project.  Enjoy!


Wiring diagram (Click the picture to make it bigger)



Advantages of an Automatic Door?

  • Safety… closing the chicken coop up at night is extremely important in order to keep your chickens safe from predators.  Yes it is simple to close your coop, but do you always remember to do it right at dusk?  This becomes particularly tricky during the shorter winter months since many people don’t even get home by the time it is starting to get dark, therefore leaving their chickens vulnerable to an attack.
  • Freedom…the ability to come and go from your house as you please.  If you automate your chicken’s door, you are free to stay away longer from the farm without worrying about your animals.  Pair this up with an automated feeder and waterer and you are free to go away for a night or two.



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