Off Grid Chicken Coop- Automated Lights

Lights that turn on and off all by themselves and use their own electricity… is that even possible?  Of course, and you can do it yourself.  Below you will find all of the amazon links to the products and a link to the You Tube Video explaining the wiring.




Here is a video Explaining how the chicken light works.


Click Here for Video!


Why add light to your chicken coop?

Many people put lights in their chicken coops in order to keep egg production going thru out the winter months.  Chickens originate in the tropics where they thrive in long sunny days year round.  Putting light in their coops during the winter months is nothing more than mimicking their natural body rhythms.  Those rhythms do include a time of rest during the night so it is not wise to just leave a light on in your coop 24/7 as that will stress your birds.  Research has also shown that when you add light in your coop, you want to add it during the morning hours.  With this in mind, you want the light to come on at a set time in the morning and then turn off when natural sun light is available. It is ideal to have at least 12 hours of light a day.  So, if you only have 8 hours of light you will want to add 4 hours of light in the morning (before the sun naturally comes up) to arrive at your 12 hours total.  Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions.



  1. Man the video on lighting is epic ! Thank you my dear !



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