Off Grid House Construction; Foundation, Subfloor, and Concrete Porch

We are happy to report that our Off Grid house is in full construction mode.  This week we completed (and passed inspection on) the Foundation, Subfloor, and Concrete Porch.  As we discussed in Episode #19 of our Podcast, the building process has been a mix of excitement and pure hectic chaos.  We now have a new appreciation for why contractors charge the money they do.   Between organizing materials, organizing people, and doing some of the work on our own in between… it is a lot of work.  Like most things in life, plans are only plans and they never seem to go exactly as they should, no matter how organized you try to be. We will definitely need a vacation when this is over… or should I say a staycation :).

The good news is that we are seeing lots of progress and the house is starting to take shape.  The concrete work for the house is done which is a huge load of stress off our backs as now we are not limited on weather.  For anyone who has never dealt with concrete before, it is very temperamental and requires no wetness, no coldness, and several days of this perfectness to cure.  Oh, and the people who you hire to do any of this concrete work have to simultaneously be available when this “perfect” weather decides to show it’s face.  We have finally overcome this battle and I am extremely happy with the results.

So here is all the construction in pictures.  Hope you enjoy!

Foundation Complete!










Floor Joists


OGHjoiststart OGHangleironporch




















Floor Sheathing



















Finishing the Thermal Mass










Metal Decking for Concrete Pour











Concrete is Poured!







Covered the Concrete with Straw in order to keep it moist while Curing.









Now that the concrete is complete, I think we can all breathe in a small sigh of relief. The framing journey is now about to begin, can’t wait to see the walls!



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