Off Grid House Exterior Paint Complete!

housedriveWe are moving right along on our Off Grid House construction.  This week we can check off a huge undertaking of painting the exterior of our house.  The biggest relief is that I absolutely love the color.  I really went in circles about finding the “perfect” color especially because I knew that if I didn’t like the color I was pretty much stuck with it for a long long time!  I painted samples of various colors on different boards and looked at them in all kinds of lighting before settling on the color “Krypton”.   In episode 21 of the Sow Edible Permaculture Podcast, we explained all the ins and outs that went into picking this fabulous color as well as all the crazy adventures in reaching very high and awkward areas of the house.  You can witness some of this in the pictures below as well!  I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures, but the color looks very different depending on how much light is touching it.  The trim color was simple to pick out because when you have a WHITE roof, you are pretty much stuck with white trim.  Not a bad thing as I like white trim and in some ways I welcomed the idea of NOT making a decision for a change!  So here is what we have so far.

 finalcoatnotrimshade finalpaintbackcorner


Here are some of our Dare Devil pictures.  Ugg.  So glad this part of the project is over!!

 frontporchhighpainting doublescoffolding6block



  1. I love your color choice, Amy! Had to look at these pics after your description of how they painted that one area above the porch – yikes! Better him than me! Good job guys…looking great!

  2. Janice Nikuin says:

    Hello, I’ve been listening to your podcast and enjoying your family’s journey of building a homestead. I love your home and am envious of the off-grid feature that you put so much planning into–it makes me wish I could start at square 1 again with our home.

    On another note–I am reminded of the time when we painted our newly constructed home (which is on a steep slope and 3 stories high in the back). We almost lost our rented bucket lift down the ravine (which is close to the back side of our house). Needless to say my husband opted for very tall ladders instead–it was very slow. I look forward to more updates!

    Janice-Whidbey Island, WA

  3. What a beautiful color! I really love the “wall of windows”. I want to thank you for your podcast ♥ Our two daughters and their families (along with us) will be moving to a rural, off grid paradise of our own next year. Your podcast is so timely since our daughter has decided to homeschool. She is now listening to your podcast as well! Can’t wait until you get into your solar power discussions. Such a huge and confusing topic! I’m confident that you two will make it all make sense 🙂

    • Thanks Niki, sounds like we are about to embark on an adventure. Remember that we do passive solar and solar consulting so let us know if you need additional help. Good Luck!

  4. I LOVE the color! My favorite part is your porch. We are porch people…we find gathering on the porch and having family times is the best part of our day. Some of our best ideas come from “porch time”. Enjoy!



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