Off Grid House is Dried In!

dryinhouseleftsouthsideOur Off Grid house finally looks like a house!!!  So very excited to see it in 3D instead of only in my mind for these several years.  The dry in process has been long and stressful.  We take turns stressing out about different aspects of the house; running calculations over and over again to make sure we ordered enough material or the windows are in the exact location, ect.  I am thrilled and relieved to report that so far all mishaps have concluded with little to no injury and have found a way to always work themselves out.  As discussed in Episode #20 of the Podcast, we had no idea what the white metal roofing would look like as we have never seen a white roof in real life and there are not a lot of pictures online that show as much roof as is visible with our house.  All we knew was that from purely an efficiency perspective it made complete since.  I am happy to report that we really like the color.  Let us know what you think!

So here are the pictures, please remember that we have not painted yet- the yellow is just the color the hardy plank siding comes in.  Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions, we would love to hear what you think!

South Side of House-

dryinwindowssouthside dryinsouthside

Here is the view from inside the house looking out of those big windows.  As you can see the overhang was calculated to allow natural sunlight in while still blocking direct sun.  This will aid in keeping the house cool in the summer.  In the winter, we will have direct sunlight that will aid in heating the house.

 dryininside windows

Back Porch-

 dryinbackporchinside dryinbackporchrightside


 dryinbacksteps dryinvaultedporch

Front Door and North side of the house

 dryinwestside dryinnorthside

Thermal Mass-  Last but not least…Here is what the thermal mass looks like inside the house.  It will eventually be covered with stone that we have collected from all over the farm.


So what do you think about the white roof?  Do any of you have a white roof?  We would love to hear from you in the comments below!


  1. I listened to the podcast today while working at our current house and we HAD to come look at the pictures. I’m interested in the white roof. My wife and I love what y’all are doing and happy to hear y’all are feeling better.

    Thanks for your contribution to our family’s goal of living a similar life!



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