Off Grid House Update- Land prepped, Footings Dug, Concrete Poured, Block being Layed

We have broke ground on the Off-Grid House and wanted to share some pictures with you to get you up to date with all our progress.  Enjoy!

Prepped House Area- cleared trees, leveled, marked, and squared


Footings Dug and Concrete footings Poured

 footingconcrete1 thermalmassfooting

Block Layed… Almost Done!




  1. I’ve enjoyed listening to the podcast so far – much better than most of the other similar pods out there, so thank you! Also, it’s impressive how well y’all have done with this process.

    I’m trying to sell the wife on the idea, but it has been hard for her to envision it so far, and I have had trouble finding good resources on structural (primary homestead) building styles and materials (inexpensive, rugged, adaptable, etc.) that fit with the permaculture lifestyle … or, as I would implement it, a permaculture “lite” lifestyle.

    Is there a good resource you could recommend? Even if I ultimately end up needing to consult with a professional contractor, I’d like to know what I’m asking him to do, discuss trade-offs and costs, etc.

    Thanks again, and best wishes with the family and your endeavors!


    • Thank you for the kind words! As far as building styles, a lot of what you need to study depends on where you are located and the climate in your area. For example I know people have done straw bale in the south east but we would not recommend it as the chances for disaster while construction is taking place is fairly high. On the other hand, stick built and timber frame building styles are fairly widely used in a variety of climates. Really it comes down to talking with experts that have experience in building in your area. Unfortunately without knowing where you are at we can’t give you more specifics but if you want to let us know where you are located we may be able to point you in the right direction.



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