Our First Baby Piglets 2014

Baby Piglets are here!  Born November 15, 2014, these guys may be little but they are incredibly tough!  On the night they were born we had a crazy early freeze (which in our area is incredibly rare for November… our average is usually high 64 low 40s this time of year).  But on this particular night we had a temperature of 15 degrees.  Since our livestock all bed down outside in shelters (not a heated barn), it is very impressive that all 12 have so far made it.  Another interesting part of the story is that the 2 mother pigs had them on the same night, in the same outdoor pig house, and are completely co-parenting the piglets.  We have never been able to tell whose piglets belong to who.  Check out these cuties!

 newbornpigs recentpigs newpiglets. pigs2weeksold

The last picture is the most recent (2 weeks old).




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