Our Story



Welcome to Sow Edible Permaculture Farm!  We are so glad that you have choosen to join us as we embark on a wild and fun adventure of becoming farmers/homesteaders.  Our story actually started 7 years ago when we first decided that our biggest dream in life would be to raise our children on a self-sufficient homestead.   After much prayer, saving, research, planning, and lots of experimenting;  we are ready to begin the transition!



So let us introduce ourselves:familypicweb

  • We are a family of 7;  2 grandparents + 2 parents + 3 kiddos.
  • Our kids are age 5, 3, and 16 months.
  • We have a deep respect for animals and so far have dogs, pigs, ducks, and a rooster.
  • We do not use antibiotics/dewormers in our livestock.
  • We feed our animals with food off the farm as much as possible but also supplement with organic non-GMO feed.
  • We homeschool.
  • We cloth diaper.
  • We are passionate about bees, nature, organic gardening, sustainability, permaculture practices, medicinal herbs, and free ranging, rotation grazing livestock.
  • We strive to increase soil health and fertility using organic practices (NO Pesticides, NO chemicals, NO Fungacides).
  • We use heirloom seeds and plants (NO GMO-genetically modified organisms).
  • We have folks with food allergies and so you will notice gluten-free and lactose-free recipes and ideas.
  • We had the privilege of graduating from the Geoff Lawton Permaculture Design Institute.
  • We are Podcasters!  We started a Podcast called Sow Edible Permaculture Podcast to make it even easier for you to join us on this adventure!  podcastlogo2

So there you have it- our life in a nut shell!

During all the years of preparation we have read every book/magazine and watched every you tube video that we could possibly get our hands on.  We subscribe to numerous podcasts, blogs, and forums. Collectively, they have given us guidance and most of all inspiration. Our hope is that we can give you the same.  There is so much more for us to learn and we just CAN NOT WAIT!!  So if you are a farmer, homesteader, or even a farm-dreamer we hope that you will join us on our adventure!  We would LOVE to hear from you, so please comment on any of our blog posts, email us with questions, or join us on Facebook and Pinterest!  We look forward to hearing from you!

Stacy & Amy

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