Root Cellar is Complete

completedrootcellarSo happy to report that we have a completed project!  As discussed in Episode #18 of the Sow Edible Permaculture Podcast, the underground root cellar is completely done and has passed inspection.

When we left off last week, the entire structure was up including the roof.  This week we added ventilation,  completed the waterproofing, installed the door, and covered the sides and piping with dirt.

root cellar ventingThe Ventilation includes 2 separate areas, one for the Solar batteries and the other for the rest of the root cellar.  We decided to use passive venting instead of mechanical venting (with a fan) for the Batteries.  After much research we found this to be highly recommended.  We will be using a fan to help circulate the air in the rest of the root cellar and ensure proper ventilation for air quality.

sidecompleterootcellarWe also decided to only cover the sides of the root cellar with dirt instead of covering the roof as well.  We decided to track the temperature inside to see if this will be enough dirt.  If we find that it needs that extra dirt on top to keep the temperature, we can always add it on.  If not, we have a cement pad that we could use for other projects in the future.farsiderootcellar

Out of all the steps in completing this structure, getting the door hung was the hardest.  We have hung doors before, but never a 400 lb one that had 3 dead bolts. Stacy and Dad were beyond excited (and relieved) when that thing was finally done.

So now the root cellar is finally complete and we can start laying out all the inside shelving and get those batteries hooked up.


  1. Looks great! Love to see new pictures of plant growth around this. I am on episode 12 so still have some catching up to do.

  2. Agreed. I’m still “catching up”, since I only recently discovered Amy and Stacy’s work. But it is so fascinating to see the process! Way to go, you two (seven?) On all your hard work. And thank you so much for sharing with all the best of us!



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