Ruen Ducks

This week we acquired 4 new ducks to add to our flock.  We stumbled upon these by accident, but thought they would make a great addition.  We ended up with 3 females and a male.  Unlike the Muskovy’s, these ducks actually quack and are much larger in size.  The females are different shades of brown with big orange feet and the male has a green head with a white ring around his neck.  They are fairly large ducks and so far very skiddish.  They run around in a little pack as far from us and the other ducks as possible.  We are told that they are already laying so we are hopeful for some duck eggs soon!

So there are several reasons why we choose to try out this duck breed… here’s why.

  • Ruen ducks are known for having the most flavorful meat.  Their lean and abundant meat makes for excellent roasting.  This explains why they are mostly raised for the restaurant market.  If you are interested in trying one for yourself, you can check out our pinterest board for lots of duck recipes.
  • They are also tough hardy birds that are known for being great foragers.  This makes them an excellent candidate for self-sufficiency.  While we are still substituting their diet with feed, we are hopeful that once our plants become more established we can eliminate or at least significantly lesson our dependence on the feed.  This is an area that we are VERY interested in and would love any reader feedback on!
  • Yummy Eggs!  While they are not the most prolific egg layers out there, they are known to lay between 100-150 eggs a year.  As you may have read in our last post (Muscovy ducks), duck eggs are very healthy, excellent in baking, and are also highly sought after among chefs.  They can be substituted in any recipe for chicken eggs with the ratio of 2:1 (2 chicken eggs= 1 duck egg).  I posted lots of duck egg recipes on our pinterest boards also:).
  • Ruen’s require water (as they are water fowl) with plenty of land to forage in as well.  It is not required to clip their wings as they do not fly.  However we have already witnessed their ability to fly up about 7 ft straight up in the air and come right back down (sort of like a large hop).  This only happened when they got spooked, but it was enough to make me wonder if they could “hop” over our 4 ft electric fense if they really wanted to.  I guess we will find out!

As for our Ruen’s, they are a great addition to our duck family.  Can’t wait to get some eggs and eventually try out a roasting recipe!

If anyone has any experience with ducks, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.  We are currently planting a variety of duck friendly forages around our pond, so if you have any suggestions, ideas, or experience in letting ducks forage naturally…we would love to hear about your experience!




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