SEpp 030; Kitchen Garden Harvest, Chicken Coop Completion, Air Quality in a Tight House, and The importance of being at Least Organic

Sow Edible Permaculture PodcastWelcome back to Episode #30!  Thank you for joining us as we share with you all the updates on our Permaculture Farm!  Our Podcast is divided into 3 sections: Farm Update, Living Off-Grid, and Permaculture Resources.  Each week, you can see pictures, videos, and links that we mention in the show by visiting these show notes (or by going to  Here is a summary of what we have for you in this episode.



Farm Update

  • Back to Eden Garden has come alive!  We have enjoyed our first harvest of the season and are excited about the growth of our first year kitchen garden.
  • Tractor Steering Fail- new part for the good old tractor
  • Chicken Coop is finally complete and we have 2 new additions to add to our chicken family!  We share a funny (and amazing) story about our chicken dog, Padme!
  • A Big Thank You to Sustainable Living Podcast for the shout out and invitation for an interview.  We are excited for the opportunity to be a part of such a great podcast.  If you haven’t checked them out, be sure to do so at Sustainable Living Podcast on iTunes or check out their website;


Living Off Grid

  • Air Quality in a Tight House- Have you checked your CO2 levels recently?  Air Quality is an important factor for you and your family.  With the excellent construction of super tight houses, and the tiny house movement (which we love) air quality is a subject you need to be aware of.  We discuss the simple changes we made in order to keep our air quality at an optimum level.


Permaculture Resources

  • The Importance of Being at Least Organic- we know you have heard all about organic before…but we want to give you a view point that you may not have thought about yet… it’s impact on the land, your neighboring farmers, and our water supply.  Join us as we discuss this very important topic!

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