SEpp 043; Fruit Trees in Bloom, Mulching vs Cover Crop, Year Round Food Self Sufficiency in Greens

Sow Edible Permaculture PodcastWelcome back to Episode #43!  Thank you for joining us as we share with you all the updates on our Permaculture Farm!  Our Podcast is divided into 3 sections: Farm Update, Living Off-Grid, and Permaculture Resources.  Each week, you can see pictures, videos, and links that we mention in the show by visiting these show notes (or by going to  Here is a summary of what we have for you in this episode.



Farm Update

  • VOLES- Sorry we forgot to talk about them on the last podcast!!  OOPS!
  • What’s blooming and what are we harvesting?  We take you through our gardens and orchards!

Living Off Grid

  • Listener Questions! Do we use hot water in our laundry?  Do we have a moisture problem from drying clothing indoors?  What is the difference between deep mulch and a cover crop?  All these great listener questions are answered!

Permaculture Resources

  • Year Round Food Self Sufficiency- Greens!  This week we focus on how to achieve year round greens!

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