SEpp 046; Adventures of a Farm Dog, Tips for looking for Land, Tankless Hot water heaters vs Solar hot water heaters, and How we Compost

Sow Edible Permaculture PodcastWelcome back to Episode #46!  Thank you for joining us as we share with you all the updates on our Permaculture Farm!  Our Podcast is divided into 3 sections: Farm Update, Living Off-Grid, and Permaculture Resources.  Each week, you can see pictures, videos, and links that we mention in the show by visiting these show notes (or by going to  Here is a summary of what we have for you in this episode.


Farm Update

  • Adventures of a Farm Dog- Our Bull Mastiff has turned out to be a fantastic Farm dog.  Join us as we share a few of her latest adventures.
  • Find out whats in bloom and what we are harvesting in the garden!

Living Off Grid

  • Tips for Looking for Land
  • Tankless hotwater heaters vs Solar Hotwater Heaters
  • Propane vs Natural Gas

Permaculture Resources

  • How do we Compost?  Find out in this episode!

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  1. Annalisse says:

    Regarding one of the listener questions about the poison ivy removal in their horse pasture, you mentioned that cows and goats both love to eat poison ivy. Back when we lived in Rhode Island, we knew a guy who had a goat rental business for that very purpose. He would rent out his herd (keeping them in desired areas with solar fencing) to homeowners, schools, landowners, and the like for a few days to a week for a flat daily fee. The goats ate through the given area (they fenced off rhododendrons and other plants poisonous to goats) and then took them away once the area had been defoliated. During the winter time, he used the same goats for petting zoos and birthday parties. If they don’t want to invest in goats yet, perhaps goat rentals can be hired in their area too? Just a thought.



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