Solar Panels are Installed and Off Grid Office Floor Joists are Complete

Welcome to the Living Off Grid Section where we share pictures and videos from the Sow Edible Permaculture Podcast.  Today’s update is from Episode #004 where we share information about our new Solar Panels and give you an update on the off grid office.

The solar panels have arrived!  They are amazing.  It is so great to finally see what we have been planning on paper for so long come to life.  I will admit that they are huge.  Stacy had a good idea of what they would look like, while I hadn’t really given the look of them much thought.  I was more focused on what they could do for me (that I would have all the amenities of a power grid house) than what they would look like installed.  Just to give you an idea of size, a 6 ft man comes up to about the top of the second panel.  So check them out.  I hope the pictures do them justice.  🙂

solarArrayside SolarArrayInstall


As for the off grid office, it is plugging along.  We have officially completed the floor joists and are ready to move on to the dry in phase.

 officefloorjoists offgridofficefloorjoists

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