Tiny House Office is Dried In!

The Tiny House Office is all Dried in!  YAY!  It is so exciting to see it in real life (instead of on paper and in our minds) as it has been for years.  So here are pictures of it being built.  It is NOT painted… so the exterior color you see is just the color of the raw hardy plank siding.  As discussed in Episode 7 of the Sow Edible Permaculture Podcast, we are using Stacy’s office as a test site for the way I want the house to look.  I am trying out all the paint colors, tile, ect. of what I have in mind for the house to make sure I like it before using it on a larger scale.  We always loved the look of board and baton exteriors and decided to apply it to the office as well.  I have put a picture below of what the hardy plank looks like without the baton just to give you an idea of the difference in case it is something you are interested in.  The roof (while basically impossible to see from the pictures) is metal and we choose Arctic White as the color.  This is the highest energy efficient color available.  On the house, it will be more visible.  So here are the pictures.  I am really impressed with how much room it has.  I am working on a video so you can take a “tour” of it before we finish the interior.

officedryinhalf done officedryinnobatton officedryinroofandsiding



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