Tree and Plant Sale!

Welcome to our 2017- 2018 Tree and Plant Sale!

We are now taking preorders for a variety of trees and plants.  Orders are open thru the end of September.  Please check the ship date on each of the items that you are purchasing as they are scheduled to ship at the best part of the year for planting.  As we have shared through our podcast, choosing tree and plant varieties that are disease and pest resistant and best suited for your area is of the upmost importance.   We have personally tested out each of the varieties we are offering you here.  We feel that sustainability is also a very important factor and therefore we only plant trees that require no additional chemical spray and are tough enough to thrive on their own.  Please be sure to email us if you need assistance.  If you are interested in purchasing more than 50 trees, please contact us as we do offer discounts.  Please also see our consulting page if you find you need additional help in design or layout.


Fruit Trees



We ship to Continental US only. Please note the shipping dates on each plant description. Dismiss