Underground Root Cellar- Phase 2 of 3; Precast Cement Walls are in!

RCphase2kidcranePhase 2 was lots of fun as we watched the walls lower down with the giant crane.  The kids and I packed cookies and sat picnic style to watch the construction.  I was amazed that the entire process was done in 3 hours (no the kids definitely did not sit that long..ha!).   The idea of standing under a several ton cement wall as it is being lowered down over you freaks me out, but yet the workers on the ground and the crane operator made it all look so easy.  My hat goes off to them.


It was a great feeling to see the structure in place and see progress being made.  There is a surprising amount of space inside a 10 x 40ft space and while standing inside I could easily visualize where we would put the freezers, battery house closet, and all the shelving.

 RCphase2pad2 RCphase2pads RCphase2firstwall



 RCphase2wallcorner RCphase2cranefront RCphase2cranefront


 RCphase2cranewall1 RCphase2wall2  RCphase2ccraneangle

The last part of phase 2 was pouring the concrete floor.  Again, a rather quick job for the workers and we were very pleased with their work.  While we didn’t get to put our handprints in the wet cement (sick kids at home), we have big plans to decorate it with chalk when it is cured!


 RCphase2inside door

So this wraps up Phase 2.. For more details you can check out the Living Off Grid section of our podcast in Episode #16.  Stay Tuned next week for when we complete the project in Phase 3!



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