Underground Root cellar- Phase 3 Almost done!

phase3RCexteriornodirtThe construction of the underground root cellar is installed in 3 phases (you can see phase 1 and 2 in previous articles).  We are in the last part of phase 3 and it is looking great!

Here is what has been done so far in Phase 3:

  1. Metal beams placed on roof- supports the weight of the roof and dirt that will cover the structure.
  2. Cement roof poured on metal decking.
  3. Door installed
craneroofing steelbeamroof  metaldeckingroofRC


 RCinsidephase3 RCdoor  phase3RCexteriornodirt1


As discussed in Episode #17 of the Sow Edible Permaculture Podcast, it has a ton of space inside and you can already feel a big temperature difference when you walk in.  To complete the project, we will need to install the venting, finish painting the sealant on the exterior, and push the dirt over it.  Hopefully next week we can mark this project off the to do list!



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