Underground Root Cellar- Phase1 of 3

Yay!  Underground Root Cellar Phase 1 is complete!  We discussed all the details of this first phase of construction in Episode #15 of the Sow Edible Permaculture Podcast.  Below are the picture and videos that show the project.

Step 1:  Hole was dug with a slow downgrade toward the road to allow water to run down and be diverted into the road.  The indention where the strucure will sit allows space for future gravel and concrete floor.  The drainage pipe runs along perimeter and brings water away from structure.


Step 2:  Gravel is added to the inside of future structure and larger gravel is spread from structure to road.RC1gravelRC!graveldowntoroad


Step 3:  Gravel is spread evenly all the way to the road.  Ready for Phase 2!  RC1prepcomplete

Phase 1 took about 1 and 1/2 days.  Check back next week for an update on Phase2!  Also, since our Earthworks person was trying out a new machine for this project… we got a free machine to use for an extra project… Check out the Expansion of Pond 3!




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